How to Discover and Get Sponsored Posts from your Competitors

The simple eCourse on How to Discover, Reach out and Complete more Sponsored Posts Deals on your Blog.

Dear Blogger, maybe some of these feelings will resonate with you...

1. Do you feel like you just can't make money with your blog.

You are literally tired of hearing how bloggers make $100,000 every month while you are stuck making little to nothing with your blog, making more than $1,000 blogging seems impossible to you and you should know you've tried but none of those methods seem to work for you.

2. Are you are tired of making the same $100 every 1-3 months from AdSense.

When I started with AdSense back in 2015, I was so excited but reality quickly dawned on me because I couldn't make $100 in a month. Does this sound familiar? You've to wait for 1-3 months before you could make $100 and get money from your blog. This is a total waste of time, energy, expectation and hopes because you can close a single $100 sponsorship deal within 1-3 days, so why wait for 1-3 months?

3. Maybe you have tried a lot of monetization techniques but none seem to work for you.

You know all the monetization techniques you could use for you blog but maybe you haven't tried of them or you have tried but none seem to be working for you. Ever heard of the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none". You got to find 1-2 blog monetization techniques to stick to and they will become your blog's cash cow.

4. Have you been blogging for years with nothing to show for it.

You have been blogging for years maybe actively or passively and still you have nothing to show for it. You have put in the time, effort and research into your blog but still your blog hasn't given you a new computer, car, house or travelling trips or the financial freedom you want. You are just in the blogging system but you are making no impact and making no money.

5. Blogging for Fun (GREATEST MISTAKE).

Blogging for fun can be very fun and chilled for the first few months but it's one of the greatest mistakes you can make in your blogging career because after reality sets-in you now realize that you're losing money paying blog bills like hosting, themes, plugins etc you quickly stop blogging for fun and stop blogging to make money because money is very important and even if your blog is all about your passion and spare time, it's better to make money from it so you are fueled to do more.

If you're feeling ANY of these, then you are in the right place, my friend.

My life have done a complete 180 from those long days of stressful full time 9-5 jobs that made me lose hair.

  • I wake up every day to a new sponsored post email and completed transactions while I was sleeping.
  • I work on what I want to when I want to.
  • I am about to buy the things I desire, like a car, nice clothes and sneakers, gaming monitor, gaming PC build with GTX 1080Ti, Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Mouse, Latest Samsung Phone, PS4 Pro and still have enough money to explore different fun places.

I’ve even made it up to $1,500 a month now, which was another milestone for me! And if it was not for blogging, it would have never happened to me.

There are lots of bloggers out there that are frustrated and searching for the process that will take their blog to the next level.

This is how you do it. My product is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to make an incredible income by running Sponsored posts the right way on your blog..

I went from making $0 blogging to making over $1,000 per month from one blog…all with Sponsored Posts!

And now I'm make over $1,500/month blogging...

Who is the blogger teaching this madness?

Paul Aroloye, Founder of Nairatips

Hey there, blogger! I'm Paul and I won a blog called, where I teach people just like you how to start making money blogging with Sponsored Posts.

I love what I'm doing and the lives I've changed for the best.

After I decided to re-brand my blog in 2017, that's when my successful blogging career started. I was able to turn just another tech blog to a successful blog that makes more than $1,000 every month all with Sponsored Posts.

And through Sponsored Posts, I've been able to live a life that some people can only dream about, from the outright purchase of a car, to building my dream computer rig to eating good foods and exploring different places and freedom to decide when to work and when to play.

Don't get me wrong.. It takes hard work and dedication, but you'll find that working on something you LOVE and believe in than working a job you hate. Now, it's your turn to experience the fun and success that I've been able to achieve!

Let's do this together!

- Paularo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this free course for?
This free course is for old and new bloggers who are serious about making money and willing to follow a working strategy to making money blogging.
How long does it take for this technique to work?
Execute this technique properly and you should start getting more sponsorship emails within 30 days.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

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